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Recent News


Gabriel Benitez has been awarded the NSF GRFP Fellowship!


Mike is honored to be part of the 2024 class of Thieme Chemistry Journals Awardees:


We are very happy to introduce our three new group members! Theresa Nosel from Materials Science, and Gabe Benitez and Spencer Smith from Chemistry. Welcome!


The group has been awarded the DOE Early Career Research Program Award from the Separations Science program for our proposed work on the role of adsorbent flexibility in low-energy separations. Please see the highlight here:


Scott Cleary and Michael Moghadasnia were both awarded as Outstanding TA's. Great work guys!


Arijit's paper on achieving high usable capacities of hydrogen in a flexible framework has been published in JACS!


Mike's opinion piece on changing how we think to solve the plastic waste crisis was published in The Hill:


The group welcomes Hannah Martin, our newest graduate student, and the first from the Materials Science program. 


Mike was selected as a Scialog Negative Emissions Science Fellow by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement:


We welcome our first ever NSF REU student, Willow Knight from the University of North Texas. Welcome Willow!


Our lab has won the first ever President's Award for Excellence in Safety as the most safety conscious laboratory at Colorado School of Mines. We are so proud to be recognized for leading the way in lab safety! 

McGuirk's lab_edited.jpg


Our perspective paper with Prof.  Brian Trewyn on characterization of MOF–MSN composites in published in Inorganic Chemistry.


Our second research paper is published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.


Our first research paper is published in Chemical Science.


The group has been awarded the NSF CAREER from the DMR SSMC program for our proposal on chalcogen bond-mediated porous framework materials!


Mike appeared on CBS Denver 4 to discuss the issue of roadside trash in Colorado. Check out the story here:


Mike has become a member of the I-West program, a DOE based initiative to build a roadmap to decarbonization state-by-state in the Intermountain West region of the U.S. Check out the website for more information:



Check out Mike's appearance on the Payne Institute's Mines Energy Future Podcast talking about plastic waste, the challenges we face, and chemical recycling:


Our perspective on using chemical recycling to "Mine" petroleum resources from waste plastic is out in One Earth (Cell):


The group has received a 3 year cooperative agreement with the Department of Energy to join the HyMARC consortium, studying hydrogen adsorption in porous materials for carrier applications

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