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Get to Know the McGuirk Group

The McGuirk Lab opened its doors in the summer of 2019, with a focus on interdisciplinary research at the interface of synthetic chemistry and materials science. Our work addresses fundamental scientific challenges related to organic and hybrid materials, supramolecular assembly, and environmental sustainability, leveraging expertise in non-covalent interactions, structural order, and chemical reactivity to develop synthetic tools for the by-design construction and programmed destruction of functional materials. Through our fundamental efforts, we seek to move the needle on pressing applications, such as chemical recycling of plastic waste, the storage and delivery of alternative fuels, and the expansion of base pairing in synthetic DNA.

Students in the McGuirk Lab will be trained in synthetic organic/inorganic chemistry and the characterization of molecules and materials. Emphasis is placed on cultivating a professional and egalitarian environment that produces the next generation of technically proficient, independently creative, and critically thinking scientists, inspired to tackle the most critical questions in science and society.

Join the Team

Prospective graduate students interested in pursing a doctorate at Mines in Chemistry, Materials Science, or Advanced Energy Systems can contact Mike at to learn more about the university, the programs, and our lab. 

Relevant Programs:


Materials Science:

Advanced Energy Systems:

Graduate students already enrolled at Mines should contact Mike at or stop by Mike's office located at 160 Coolbaugh Hall.

We are also looking for ambitious undergraduate students interested in starting their research career. As our research is highly interdisciplinary, spanning fundamental and applied science, students from a broad assortment of backgrounds are encouraged to reach out, including: chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, and materials engineering. No previous experience is expected!

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